Once in awhile Bill and I find ourselves at odds over the dumbest, most Seinfeldian things. Such as, is it more normal to have the toilet paper roll from over the top and come from under the bottom? When these things come up, we get to talking and end up finding a few more dumb items on which we disagree then fashion it into an on-air wager called "What's Normal" which is a poll of what most listeners normally do or don't do.

The winning streaks on this have gone back and forth over the years. The betting sometimes gets serious and we've found ourselves owing the other in excess of a hundred dollars a game. So all we ask is for people to be honest in their answers.

We offer this online version just for fun but it doesn't count toward the official on-air poll as far as the bet is concerned. Since a holiday weekend is upon us, here's a 4th of July edition!

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