Think you know you music? Then play ‘Jersey’s Opening Lines' tonight and win tickets to The Mahoney Brothers “Long Live The Beatles” at Resorts in Atlantic City, David Brenner at The Broadway Theatre in Pittman New Jersey on March 1st or the Sarcasm Valentine’s Day Show with Chris Rich.

How it works is simple, I give you the opening line of a song that we play every weekend, “When the music comes out to play”. You can choose from the sixties, seventies, or eighties, If you get it right, you’re going to Sarcasm!

These are the songs that you sing in the car while you drive, sing in the shower while you bathe, I’d sing them near a window but I’m afraid someone would help me out!

It’s that simple! Play Jersey’s Opening Lines with me Steve Trevelise tonight at ten on New Jersey 101.5!