An Aeroflot plane carrying 256 people from New York's Kennedy Airport to Moscow made an unscheduled landing in Iceland earlier today following a report of a bomb on board.

Authorities say the Airbus A330 landed at an airport in Iceland where baggage and passengers were being inspected as part of the search for explosives.

5 suitcases on board contained explosives which would go off once the flight reached Moscow warned an  anonymous caller according to the BBC.

WABC TV reports the Red Cross is caring for the passengers as the search for explosives continues.

Russia's ITAR-Tass news agency quotes an Aeroflot spokeswoman as saying the bomb warning came from an anonymous caller to New York City police after the plane took off.

"The search for explosives is under way in accordance with aviation security procedures and plans," said  Iris Marelsdottir of Iceland's Civil Protection Agency.  "They haven't found any explosives, and I don't know long the search will go on."

The Associated Press contributed to this report