If you want to see the Pope, act fast.

(Photo by Franco Origlia/Getty Images)

I can just see the World Meeting website crashing now, because today 10,000 tickets are being released for those who want to witness the papal visit to Philadelphia.

I'm Catholic and I think the Pope's visit is a great thing, but I feel like this is what TV is for. Simply put, I rather not battle insane traffic for a mere glimpse of the man.

Pat, a caller from Hillsborough, said she was planning on heading to Philly for the event because her church has a bus trip planned, but thoughts of traffic and a 10 mile walk into the city from Camden changed her mind.

Are you going to see the Pope? How quickly will tickets to see him disappear? Let us know whether you're going, and place your bet on how fast those prized passes will be seized by taking the poll below. 

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