Times being what they are, people are desperate.

Desperate both for jobs, and desperate to prey on anyone having a job, especially anyone having a job that entails dealing with the public during night time hours.

In one instance, a Papa John's pizza delivery man suffered head injuries in a robbery in Linden.

Linden police are searching for three men who assaulted and robbed a pizza delivery man early this morning.

The employee of Papa John's in Elizabeth was on the 1100 block of Dill Avenue in Linden around 12:30 a.m. when he saw a man standing on the steps at the house where he was scheduled to deliver a pizza, said Detective Lt. James Sarnicki. The man asked the delivery man if he had change for a $100 bill.

When the delivery man said "yes," two other men approached and he was punched in the back of the head, police said. The men allegedly continued to beat the 22-year-old Papa John's employee, demanding he turn over his money.

The three men took approximately $60 from the victim, then fled on foot, police said. The victim drove himself to Trinitas Hospital in Elizabeth, where he was treated for head injuries and a cut lip.

Police said the alleged robbers were a trio of dark-skinned men in their late teens with medium builds. The victim said one of the assailants had shoulder-length dreadlocks.

Leads me to wonder.

Would this have happened if the deliveryman were permitted to carry a licensed handgun?

The wiser thing to do in the above would have been to flee with pizza in hand once the deliveryman was being asked if he had change of a hundred dollar bill.

But still, knowing that you have to go into dangerous neighborhoods at night just to make a living,  wouldn’t being able to carry a handgun mitigate some of that danger.

You be the judge.