Deminski & Doyle had a great conversation yesterday regarding pit bulls, sparked by a report that there was another pit bull attack, this time in Roselle Park, involving two teen boys and a police officer.

This breed seems to be in the news for attacks more than any other breed of dog.

Deminski & Doyle asked to hear from pit bull owners and many responded. After all the news and reports of attacks, what would make you still want to own one? Do you feel safe with them in your home?

Listeners responded with a resounding "Yes":

Christa in Ohio told us about the time a small dog "ripped the tip of [her dog's] nose off":

Barbara says her pit bull is a "phenomenal pet":

Siding with the rest, John says his pit bull is a "couch potato" and "the sweetest dog in the world":

Let's keep the conversation going - let us know if you also feel that pit bulls are gentle-natured dogs.