Steve's out tonight. He's under the weather, but will be back Monday.

So here's what's coming up tonight on the "Early" Late Show…with me, Ray Rossi, just a guy with a microphone, a transmitter; and an internet connection.

Spreading the gospel of the Garden State to you all over the world at…on your FM at 101.5, and with you at 1 800 283 101.5, Face book and twitter.

Leading off each hour will be these:

7) Property Tax Reduction vs Income Tax Reduction – Which Would You Rather. Poll up now at

8) The other night I was talking about dopey things you may have gotten…like the driver who was cited for having fake, 'anatomically correct' testicles hanging from the back of his truck. Now Fort Lee police cracking down on distracted walkers. (They REALLY must need the money!)

9) Would you want the fact that you’re an organ donor plastered on Facebook…This is Zuckerberg's latest brainstorm. Do you feel this is a good idea? Poll is up now at

10) The Rossi Posse iPod Shuffle….up for grabs are tickets to Raceway Park’s Night of Thrills.

Ancillary topics:

Mother’s Day is Sunday…..doing anything special for mom?

Crazy Pig lady of Paulsboro….Do you have a crazy animal person living next to you, or are you a crazy animal person?

The exploits of NJ Weedman and legalizing marijuana!

Commencement speakers....who are you having...who have you had....did it matter?

By the way, anytime you want to remain anonymous, just use the code name “shmehgegeee!”

See you at 7!