Do you prefer online or on the phone? That's the question both boomers and millennials deal with everyday on the job. According to Forbes, roughly 73% of millennials prefer email as their primary form of communication compared to phone calls or in person meetings. Boomers on the other hand prefer talking. The Wall Street Journal advises millennials to pick up the phone especially when it comes to selling. But phone use could be fading away as more millennials invade the workplace.

Millennials, defined as people born between 1981 and the early 2000's, are so used to texting and online chatting that that's how they like to be reached. Unwanted phone calls can be an interruption to getting things done. Some also find it rude to just call without first sending an e-mail as putting your priorities over theirs.

Personally being in the communication business I always loved the art of conversation. I believe business, like life, is about relationships and those are better formed either on the phone or in person. But in both business and life, if you're truly going to form a relationship you're going to have to deal with people the way they want to be dealt with.

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