A man caught up in a midair explosives hoax that forced his Dallas-bound plane to return to Philadelphia was arrested on outstanding warrants when the plane eventually arrived in Texas.

Philadelphia resident Christopher Shell was flying home to Texas on Thursday to celebrate his 29th birthday with family and friends when the flight turned around.

Upon landing, he was escorted away at gunpoint by law enforcement. Philadelphia police say they'd received a call alleging he was carrying a dangerous substance but later determined it was a hoax, insisting Shell did nothing wrong.

But at Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport, Shell was arrested on outstanding warrants. Airport spokesman David Magana says the warrants are from North Texas law enforcement agencies but declined further comment.

WPVI TV reports Shell  had warrants for assault with bodily injury, reckless driving and possession of drugs.

Phone messages to Shell weren't immediately returned.

Meanwhile, the passenger that sat next to Shell before he was taken off the plane in Philadelphia says that Shell revealed a number of personal details about himself in a brief conversation according to WPVI TV, Steve McNeal says Shell told him his girlfriend had left him as he was dealing with the death of both his mother and father.

After his release in Philadelphia, he tried to sell his story to several TV stations for $1000.

The Associated Press contributed to this report