A lawyer for the Westfield man charged in the Philadelphia wedding brawl video says he is innocent and believes he will be cleared of all charges.

Screen shot of Philadelphia wedding brawl video (YouTube)

Matthew Sofka is charged with aggravated assault and other counts in the brawl but his lawyer, Fortunato Perri Jr. tells the Star Ledger that when Sofka showed up at the Society Hill Sheraton the brawl was already underway.

Another wedding party was drinking at the hotel's lobby bar and someone attending the Sofka wedding got into a verbal battle got into a verbal battle with the other group.

Perri says the brawl intensified once police arrived. Sofka was only trying to help his girlfriend who was knocked to the ground and he wound up part of the fight.

"Without evening looking back, he kind of extends his arm in their direction and they try to subdue him. They start hitting him with the baton. A police sergeant puts him in a choke hold," explained Perri. "It’s hard to tell if he’s resisting or if, all the sudden, a guy’s got him in a headlock." Sofka wound up being tasered and arrested.