Pepsi display for Rutgers 250th anniversary (Rutgers)

Pepsi is celebrating Rutgers University's 250th anniversary with a special commemorative can.

The first of 4 million blue cans have been delivered to supermarkets and retailers in New Jersey, Delaware and the Philadelphia with the Pepsi logo and Rutgers special anniversary logo and the words “1766-2016 Rutgers 250.” Many Pepsi delivery trucks will also feature the Rutgers logo.

The deal between Rutgers and Pepsi was put together by Joe Charette, Rutgers’ executive director of dining services.

“My first correspondence to PepsiCo about the 250th anniversary cans dates from December 2013, and we had our first meeting with PepsiCo the following spring, "Charette said. "PepsiCo recognized this milestone event as a special opportunity for our partnership.”

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