Would it seem creepy to you if the Littany Lion faithful were to keep, as is their tradition, the singing of “Sweet Caroline” during game time at Beaver Stadium, complete with the lyrics “touching me, touching you!?

Or do you feel as I do, that it’s part of the fallout to the Sandusky scandal, but an overreaction nonetheless.

Penn State is taking extreme measures to change the culture of its football program following the Jerry Sandusky sex scandal.

The atmosphere at the school is so sensitive that Beaver Stadium's traditional sing-along of Neil Diamond's "Sweet Caroline" is going to be a thing of the past because of its touchy lyrics.

According to the Altoona Mirror, Penn State is eliminating "Sweet Caroline" from its musical playlist for football games this season because the song features the lyric "touching me, touching you."

The Mirror's report says that university officials are uneasy about the prospect of a stadium packed with 100,000-plus spectators singing the lyrics as the school tries to move forward from the sex scandal.

That is, again, assuming the stadium is packed with as many as 100,000 plus.

But singing a well known, innocuous song having no bearing to the scandal outside of what some feel is an offending line, to me, is an overreach.

As the first sentence in the article states, "Penn State is taking extreme measures...."