Great food, Jersey's favorite hits and lots of prizes made our Pay It Forward party a hit today for the Trenton Police Department!

Some of the bravest individuals in our state are those who are on the police force, striving everyday to protect our state while putting their lives on the line. These men and women are the driving force behind why we feel safe in our state, and we thought how better to thank them than with free food, good music and fun! With the help of Cheeburger Cheeburger, Ray the Prize Guy and the Jersey Prize Team, New Jersey 101.5 was able to “Pay it Forward” to the men and women at the Trenton Police Department.

The afternoon of fun began at 11:00 A.M., where the Trenton Police Department was greeted with tons of burgers and fries donated courtesy of several Cheeburger Cheeburger restaurants. The Jersey Prize Team handed out lots of cool prizes while playing Jersey’s favorite hits! We had one detective stake it out by doing 3 pull-ups to win Broadway tickets! The afternoon ended on a high note with ice cream for all.

The Pay it Forward Party provided a chance for all the hard-working and well-respected men and women of the Trenton Police Force to receive the thanks they deserve, as well as  a chance to relax, have some great food with their colleagues, and win some prizes. There are not enough thanks in the world for the job that they do, but we gave it our best shot!


Check below for video and pictures of today's Pay it Forward Party!

Rutgers Student Mary Oppel contributed to this article