Four days after a rail bridge collapsed in Paulsboro - and there was a resulting hazardous chemical spill in a nearby Creek - some affected residents are voicing their displeasure about what's happening.

Paulsboro Mayor Jefferson at a press conference about derailed train (Twitter)

Brantley Owens, a resident of Paulsboro who lives less than a mile from the accident scene, says he was told by officials that he was safe.

"I've been to the hospital twice, I've been sick since Friday, I've been throwing up, nausea, headache, my eyes are watery, I can taste it in my mouth. I can smell the fumes in my carpet, my furniture - my dog's not acting right and my girlfriend has been throwing up since Friday…Nothing has been done, no one came knocking on our door, no one has called our phone…I've got a problem with that, I do...I'm very upset, but I've got a lawyer that will reach out and touch…Can you hear me now?"

Lisa Faulk, who lives about half a mile away from the Hazmat spill, says, "No one knocked on the door, no one called the phone - I had to be woken up my calls on my cell phone…I was literally sleeping on my couch at like 10 o'clock in the morning. My sons had gone to school - they were turned around and told there's no school today, so they come back to the house - and told me -when I woke up I had a terrible headache…So I turn on the news - that's how I knew- no one ever knocked on the door all day - nothing."

She says, "That night I went to the Paulsboro Fire Department …I was having pains in my chest all day, headache all day - I've had a headache since Friday till today - I'm still having problems with pains in my chest…My son has allergies and asthma - his eyes have been running for days - he can't breath well - still no conversation - anything at all."

Koren Warrington was told to evacuate.

"I saw the white cloud went in my car, so I was contaminated. My house was contaminated cause my door was open…We're in this hotel and they haven't give us no food- they gave us a 50 dollar gift card- one day - I've been there since Friday…The 50 dollars is gone in one day, one hour, no, ten minutes I can't get my clothes - I'm wearing the same clothes for 3 days…After they gave me the 50 dollar gift card, it was like - this is all we're getting? And they said yes, for now - mileage, gas, riding back and forth, they never paid for."

Brantly adds, "It's a disgrace how Conrail has treated our people - it's a disgrace- our people, the lack of knowledge of this chemical, the lack of everything that's going on…. We've got to chase these authorities for our well being- how would that make you feel?

Mike Hotra, a spokesman for Conrail, says, "We recognize these events have caused an inconvenience for many citizens. We want to thank the Red Cross for their assistance - there's a number of resources that are available for people - the first is a 24 hour community hotline- staffed by live operators- that number is 1-800- 230-7049. We have a Community Assistance Center at Saint Michael's Mutual Club 406 Memorial Avenue in Gibbstown - open 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. We're offering people assistance in finding lodging, allowances for clothing, food, medicine, and lodging pets…People should bring a photo ID to make the claims process easier - we want to get people back in their homes quickly and safely , and that's our focus."