There's a natural human instinct to hate certain celebrities. I've always had a theory that when the colonies broke away from England and the Unites States came into being, we replaced worship for royals with worship for celebrities. Maybe hating certain celebrities is some odd subset of that.

The current hated celebrity of choice seems to be Miley Cyrus. Even other celebrities are speaking out against her. Cher talked openly about how disgusting she was at the VMAs and referred to her nasty 'coated' tongue. There's been a war between Miley and Sinead O'Connor. Heartthrob Stufjan Stevens even criticized her. Not her performance though. He was critical of her grammar.

Now a music legend that eclipses all of the above has come out in support of Miley Cyrus and seems to be telling the world to get over itself. Former Beatle Paul McCartney when asked by SkyNews about Miley's "Wrecking Ball" video said,

“I don’t think it was explicit at all. You couldn’t see anything. I watched it as an experiment to check, but you look at it and you say, ‘What’s everyone shouting about?’ She’s a young girl – she’s like only 20 or something – and she’s just having a go. Someone said to me that the world that people like Miley live in is all noise and they’ve got to get above the noise. So they’ve got to do something.”

What did Sir Paul have to say about the VMA twerking performance?

“I think it was only mildly shocking. She was dancing with Robin Thicke at the awards. So what? C’mon, we’ve all seen worse than that.”

Maybe there will be a collaboration between these two in the future?