The alleged killer of Etan Patz apparently confessed many times over the years. Pedro Hernandez's own sister says she doesn't remember the year but that she actually called the Camden police on her own brother after he spoke of murdering a child. She says no one did anything about it. There may even be an internal investigation as to what happened. Any time someone speaks of knowing about a homicide there is supposed to be a report filed even if there's very little to go on. Is there even such a report here?

Then there's the prayer group story. Years ago, in the middle of prayer group at St. Anthony of Padua, in front of dozens of people as well as the group leader, Hernandez confessed to killing a child and throwing the body in a dumpster. No one went to authorities. The prayer group's leader says he didn't feel any responsibility to contact police since the confession wasn't made to him exclusively, whatever that means.

We can hear these stories and be outraged. Here, a killer is speaking of a vile crime and either people don't contact authorities or one family member does and says the authorities did nothing. Before we seethe in that outrage though, remember this: Pedro Hernandez was on the radar screen for detectives many, many years. Point being, they knew of him anyway. These calls, sadly, may have been meaningless. They had no physical evidence to go on. Still don't. So all these calls would have done was reaffirm what detectives felt anyway but could do nothing about.

Even now, with his long history of mental illness, one has to wonder if the confession will be recanted once bottom feeding defense lawyers take over and if this will ever truly be over for the Patz family.