Living in New Jersey, we are home to two major TV markets, New York and Philly. Depending on where you live in the state, you may get either market as your local stations. Or if you're in News Anchor Patrick Lavery's position, you may getting screwed by both markets.

Patrick came on air with me the other night to discuss how he bought the MLB Extra Innings Package for his wife since she is a Phillies fan and their local cable provider does not carry the Phillies games as a local provider.

Now that the YES Network and Comcast are in a dispute over pricing, Patrick, a die-hard Yankees fan, will not be able to watch the majority of Yankees games due to Comcast's decision not to carry the YES Network. You'd think the problem would be easily solved because they have the Extra Innings package right? Wrong!

Since the Yankees are a team local to Patrick's market, the games are blacked out on the package and only available on local TV.

So while Patrick is being a good husband by making sure his wife gets to enjoy her Phillies, he may suffer without the Yankees unless the dispute between YES and Comcast is settled.

Listen to Patrick's frustration in the YouTube clip above.