PATERSON — A teacher who used the N-word in a confrontation with a student has quit her job.

Video of the tirade last Friday morning in a classroom at Paterson's International High School was posted over the weekend by Paterson Board of Education member Emanuel Capers. He has removed the post and issued an apology on Monday on his Facebook page, but the video later made its way to the Paterson Press website.

The video begins in the midst of an argument between the teacher, Georgiana Jackson, and a student, in which Jackson said she would find someone to "cap your ass," and that she would call her "n*****s."

Jackson told Paterson Press she was reacting to threats from a student and she "lost it." The threats are not heard in the video.

She said the dispute started when the student refused to stand for the Pledge of Allegiance in homeroom, after coming in wearing a sweatshirt hood on his head, which she said is a violation of the school's dress code. Jackson said in her comments to Paterson Press that disrespect for authority and rules from students has to stop.

Capers told Paterson Press he posted the video because he believes students should be treated in a "professional way."

"It was not my intent to embarrass the teacher nor the students, I was simply attempting to convey some of the ills that go on in our schools. This matter has been addressed by the district and has been handled on both ends, student and teacher," Capers wrote in his Facebook apology.

"I am working with our district to host more training with dealing with deescalation training. These are our kids and they come from many different walks and backgrounds and all should be treated with respect and in a professional manner."

Paterson school district spokeswoman Terry Corallo told Paterson Press that an "immediate investigation" was initiated after administrators learned of the incident, which resulted in Jackson's resignation.

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