A quick review of the weekend just passed.  It was not very Fall-like with the beginning of Fall on Saturday with highs in the upper 70s to low 80s and gusty thunderstorms.

It was certainly Fall-like yesterday with temperatures no better than 70 in a couple of spots and even some upper 60s for high temperatures yesterday.

Well today, it will be no better than the upper 60s to just a bit over 70 with sunshine and a mix of patchy clouds as we go through the morning and afternoon.  There will be enough of a west-northwest to hold off any sea breeze.

Tonight, clear and chilly again with probably some low to mid 50s along the south coast, but 40s generally, and even a few upper 30s in NW Jersey.

There should be a fair amount of sunshine for tomorrow.  High temperatures Tuesday in the mid 70s, though cooler near the water and still very low humidity both today and tomorrow.

Wednesday, we have the risk of a shower or a gusty thunderstorm, especially in the afternoon and evening, with high temperatures around or just a bit above 80, at least away from the ocean during the afternoon.