Tuesday's highest temperatures were 79 in Newark Liberty Airport, Wrightstown, and Atlantic City International Airport.

Of course, we had some nasty showers and heavy thunderstorms with heavy downpours, but the tornado watch, thankfully, did not come to fruition.

Today, we're looking for partly sunny skies developing with much less humidity and highs probably no better than the lower 70s.  The normal high is about 75 or 76, which we'll be a shade below today.

Mostly clear and chilly tonight with most lows in the 40s, even a few NW Jersey 30s, but mid to upper 50s in urban and coastal areas.

A mix of sunshine and clouds tomorrow with still very pleasant highs in the low 70s.

Partly sunny and a touch milder Friday with highs in the mid 70s, though a bit cooler along the coast in the afternoon.

We have Nadine in the far Eastern Atlantic kind of milling about.  We have another area of disturbed weather between Bermuda and Nadine that's moving westbound.  It may have some signs of development in the days ahead.