Thursday's high temperatures reached as high as 62 at Newark Liberty Airport and as cool as 58 at the Mercer County Airport.

So, it was upper 50s and low 60s.  Remember that the normal high is for 67 to 68.

Today's high temperatures, well, most of the Guidance wants to have it no better than the upper 50s to near 60.  But, Atlantic City is forecast to be 64 or 65, so maybe that is within reason in far South Jersey. There will be a brisk wind from the northwest, but skies should be partly to mostly sunny today.

There will be some scattered showers passing by through the north of New Jersey through southern New York state and the northernmost parts of Pennsylvania.  That should miss the Garden State, though.

A chilly night ahead tonight with scattering of frost in some sections.

Saturday will be cooler, no better than upper 50s, despite lots of sunshine.

Sunday offers to be featuring much warmer conditions, low 70s.  There's just the slight chance of a far North Jersey shower early Sunday morning.  But it should become, at least, partially sunny on Sunday.

Have a good weekend.