High temperatures reached the low to middle 30s with 2-4 inches of snow across the state, except for an inch or less along the far south coast.

It'll be partly sunny and cold today in New Jersey.  The low 30s or so will be the best we will do.  There will be just enough wind to make it feel cold.

Some clouds may be around tonight, although there is the chance of a couple teens in NW Jersey. It will be mostly in the 20s.

A mix of sun and clouds is expected for Thursday with continued cold and highs only near 30 or so, at best, during the afternoon.

Some sunshine and passing clouds Friday, but a dry day in the mid to upper 30s.  That changes with the next storm arriving on Saturday.

Snow and sleet will start just about everywhere, but it will go to rain and a wintry mix across the state by later in the day and, especially, Saturday night.

The storm will start to move away Sunday.  If there's any early precipitation Sunday morning, it'll end.  We will start to dry out and improve for the rest of the day, but it will be breezy and chilly.