Is Michelle Obama forcing our kids to reenact a scene from Oliver Twist and starving our kids?

You probably heard about the video which went viral on Youtube created by a group of Colorado high school students protesting the new National Lunch Policy promoted by First Lady Michelle Obama limiting the number of calories served in school lunches.

As a result, kids are complaining they’re hungry by the middle of the day; and some are not able to perform in after-school activities.

The protest has now arrived here.

A group of students in Parsippany is planning a 'lunch strike' to protest the meals which, while healthier, don’t provide them with what they feel are enough calories; and are costlier to boot.

More than 1,000 people have joined a Facebook group asking them to go on the "Parsippany Hills High School Lunch Strike" —
a boycott of the school's cafeteria food meant to protest the district's healthier, but more expensive menu.

The effort — a one-day boycott, to take place Friday — is the brainchild of senior Brandon Faris and junior Nicholas Caccavale.

At issue is a new menu, put in place by provider Pomptonian and detailed in notices on the district's website. The changes follow new USDA regulations for federal lunch and breakfast programs.

"To summarize, some of the most dramatic changes being implemented will be smaller entrées, including smaller bread and smaller protein portions; the elimination of 1 percent flavored milk, to be replaced by flavored fat-free milk; and, for many districts, mandated price increases," Pomptonian said in a "Nutrition Corner" notice posted to the district's as well as its own.

The changes follow legislation signed by President Barack Obama in 2010.

Further materials from Pomptonian state that while districts have historically offered fruits and vegetables, students often refrain from selecting them. Now, the fruits and vegetables are put in students' trays by default.

"The serving size of the fruit and vegetable portion has also been increased. It is estimated that at current cost this could add about $0.10-$0.15 to the price of every meal," its summary of new regulations states.

The district's lunch price list for the high school shows full meals starting at $2.60, and "gourmet" meals at $3.25. Several optional purchases are available.

Nicholas' mother, Kelly Caccavale, said she fully supports efforts to get students eating nutritious food, "but I would like to see a reasonable portion of the food at a reasonable price."

"Some of these students are at school for a very long day," she said. "When (Nicholas) is there for wrestling, he's sometimes there until 10 at night, and it's really not enough to get through that whole day."

So brown bag it they will…and avoid the sneer of the lunch Nazis who will only be able to parcel out only so much food.

Has the government gone too far in regulating what our kids can, cannot, and how much they eat in school?

Again, in the words of rapper Turbo, from the 1990 hit, "The Power"...."it's gettin' kinda hectic!"