For all of you who thought this was just hype and fear mongering, a question.
When was the last time you could remember the Garden State Parkway having to close a major swath of roadway for a storm? Or for any reason for that matter.

This announcement ups the ante!

The NJ Turnpike Authority will close 66 more miles of the Garden State Parkway in both directions south of Interchange 129 in Woodbridge Township at 4 p.m. today.

Gov. Chris Christie announced the closure at 1:45 P.M., adding it to a southern portion of the Parkway, from Cape May to Interchange 63 in Stafford Township, which was closed earlier today. The additional 66 miles are being closed because of deteriorating conditions caused by Hurricane Sandy.

Which means the parallel roadways like 9 and 35 will be taking a major hit.

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