The New Jersey Turnpike Authority's shoulder widening project is in full swing, but it should not damper shore tourism come summer time.

Garden State Parkway in Brick where trees are being stripped from the median (NJ DOT)

The widening project, which is going on between exits 83 and 100 on the Parkway, remains on schedule for a 2015 completion. While the road work could be nuisance to motorists now, Tom Feeney, spokesman for the Turnpike Authority, says they are taking precautions not to disturb summer beach traffic.

"During peak travel periods there will not be any lane closures," Feeney says.

Even though winter has gone later than expected by many, Feeney notes that is largely irrelevant when talking about such a large multi-year project.

"Remember this is a two year project so there's no surprise that there's days with wet weather or bad weather, so it's all built into the schedule."

Unlike the route 35 construction project which works in small intervals, Feeney says the Parkway shoulder widening project will have four contracts working simultaneously for the entire time.

"It's not something where it's 83 to 87, and when it's completed we will move north."

Feeney advises motorists to given themselves extra time in there commute and check traffic ahead of time.