The parents of students from several schools around the shore now have 24/7 access to their child's progress online.

Attention kids and teens. Be warned! If the dog eats your report card, mom and dad can still find out your grades thanks to the Parent Portal system. Manchester Township High School and the Middle School in Ocean County are the latest to jump on the bandwagon. Other schools around the shore are using them including Toms River, Lacey and Brick.

Students and their parents can access the information together and keep an open dialogue. For example, in the past, students who were having trouble in school with some of the academics would have to talk directly to their parents about it. They may have been uncomfortable doing so. Now that the parents can see what their kids are up to, they themselves can start the dialogue and get them the extra help they need.

Manchester Township High School Principal Alex George says it's more than a virtual progress report - it's a full resource. He explains "this is a great way for parents to say on top of what's happening in their child's school. They can learn about upcoming events, assemblies, even take a closer look at some of the lessons the kids are getting through the curriculum."

The high-tech tool is being used in all 50 states and is expected to eventually replace paper report cards and mailers. Officials say it won't just be a green way of saving the planet but saves money too.

To find out if Parent Portal is available in your child's school, contact your local school district.