PARAMUS — When Kimberly Garcia fixed her flat tire on Route 4 on Sunday she safely drove away from the scene, but left her engagement ring behind. Thanks to an observant officer, the ring and its owner have been reunited.

According to the Paramus Police Department, Garcia did not realize she had lost her ring until she had gotten home after changing the tire on Sunday. At that time she called the police to report the ring missing. Garcia and officers from the department both went back to the scene to look unsuccessfully for the jewelry.

It was not until Monday when Officer John Henderson went back to the scene that the ring was located.

"Henderson spent his free patrol time scouring the area where she had been and was able to locate the ring near the roadway and return it to Ms. Garcia," the department said in a Facebook post.

The Paramus police posted a picture of Garcia reunited with the ring and the officer who made it possible.

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