The funeral for Paige Aiello of Hillsborough has yet to be announced.

Paige Aiello (TCNJ)

Earlier information about a funeral and memorial service has been changed by the family.

Aiello's body was found on Wednesday on the rocks of the Hudson River at 158th Street in Manhattan after a month long search for her. Postitive identification was made on Thursday.

She will graduate with cum laude this coming week from the College of New Jersey during commencement at the Ewing school and will be considered a member of the school Class of 2013. Paige achieved a grade-point average between 3.6 and 3.74 according to the Daily Record.

The TCNJ women's tennis team decided to compete in the 2013 NCAA Championship Tournament at Amherst College in Massachusetts this weekend as scheduled in Paige's memory. “I have had many heart-wrenching conversations with Paige's teammates,” coach Scott Dicheck said in a statement. “The players are looking to one another for strength as they cope with this terrible loss and celebrate her life.”

Her family continues to mourn their loss. "Paige exemplified all that is good in people. She is honest, caring, selfless, and an incredibly hard worker," her parents said in a statement Thursday. "We believe — as do many who knew and loved Paige — that few in this world could hold a candle to her. She is our hero."