Oxford Dictionaries has named the new word of 2014. You can guess for a minute while I share with you the runners up.

Budtender. No, not a bartender where they only serve beer. Budtender (n) would be a person whose job is to serve customers in a cannabis dispensary or shop.

Contactless (adj) relating to or involving technologies that allow a smart card, mobile phone, etc. to contact wirelessly to an electronic reader, typically in order to make a payment.

Indyref (n). An abbreviation of 'independence referendum', in reference to the referendum on Scottish independence, held in Scotland on 18 September 2014, in which voters were asked to answer yes or no to the question 'Should Scotland be an independent country?'

Thank God the word of the year is actually something we've all heard of. Oxford's word of the year is vape.

Vape (v) to inhale and exhale the vapour produced by an electronic cigarette or similar device.
Vape can also be used as a noun for the device itself.

"You are thirty times more likely to come across the word vape than you were two years ago, and usage has more than doubled in the past year," according to Oxford.

You can read more about Oxford's word of the year here.