We're still scratching our heads at this one.

Last we heard, Old Tappan police are still investigating how on Earth a white Toyota SUV wound up on top of two other parked vehicles in a church parking lot — with its driver inside — Sunday morning.

We've got a call out to police for more information, but in the meantime, we asked you folks to caption this pretty amazing photo. And you delivered.

Here's some of our favorite captions — but there are plenty more on our Facebook page, too:

John Currie: Like a good neighbor, State Farm is ... wondering how the hell they're going to deal with this one.

Scott Kleinberg: What's everyone looking at? You never saw someone from Jersey park a car before?

Rhonda Orchard: So let me get this correct for my official report. You recently lost 15 pounds so you thought you could squeeze into it?

Samantha McNally: To quote Fried Green Tomatoes, "I'm older, and I have more insurance."

John Edwards Jr.: Must have been listening to Denis and Judi.

Mike Wolert: Finding parking in Belmar has gotten ridiculous!

Alexis Gavaza: They told me I could be anything. I wanted to be a monster truck.

Susan Darko: Jesus didn't take the wheel.

Georgeen Beck Dixon: I must be retaining water. ... I fit in this space two days ago.

Cheryl Kornfeld: Next time, don't take someone else's spot!

Stanley Smith: I JUST GOT THE CAR. I was used to driving my motorcycle.

Aleksandar Pejovski: This is what happens when you play Tetris a lot.

Laura Bodnar: My GPS told me to go this way.

Donna Gerhardt: Maximum OVERdrive!!!!

Jose Kalm Alvarado: Disney's Cars 3: Jersey Shore

Robert Day: I made a ÜBER mistake.

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