Sunday was Oscars night.  We kick off Monday with a recap along with a report on rising gas prices and more squabbling between Governor Christie and NJ Democrats.


  • See all the winners/losers at the Oscars, along with video, pictures,  and a review of what all the celebrities were wearing on the red carpet.
  • Gas prices continue to be on the rise around New Jersey and the country, with no relief in sight.
  • NJ Democrats plan to offer an alternative to Governor Christie's budget, which leaves little surplus.  Christie plans a good old New Jersey fight for some of the items in the budget.
  • Questions surround the issue of smoke detectors for the tragic and fatal South Plainfield fire from last week.
  • A growing issue could come to a boil soon as cell phone usage is forcing a crunch for mobile carriers and their bandwidth.
  • New Jersey gets the go-ahead to start using stun guns to protect officers.
  • Check out this week's What's So Great About The Garden State feature on the Goodwill Industries of Southern New Jersey and Philadelphia.

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A reminder that Governor Chris Christie will be live in our studios this Wednesday night at 7PM as he sits down with Eric Scott for this month's "Ask The Governor" program.  You can leave your questions anytime now for the Governor, and during the broadcast, watch a live video stream and participate in an interactive blog.

Our weekend poll asked if you thought a minimum wage boost was good for New Jersey.  50% think it's not good for the state, while 41% say it is, and 9% were undecided.




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