Tonight, after the Oscars are presented, the stars will chow down on some fancy food.

Wolfgang Puck preps for Oscar night
Getty Images / Kevork Djansezian

During the past week they've partied hearty in Hollywood.

There is always lots of hoopla leading up to Oscar night.  This year is no exception.

Tonight, during the awards ceremony, Elton John will hold his 21st annual viewing party.  You don't need an invitation for this one.  Anyone who can afford a ticket may attend.

After the Academy Awards Show is over is when the the big parties happen.

There's the "Late Night Party" hosted by Madonna.  Here's the thing.  The "Material Girl" won't be there.  She's rehearsing in England.

Another party, this one's pretty big, is the Vanity Fair Oscar Party.

Right now it's all about the Governors Ball.  It's known best for its food prepared by legendary chef, Wolfgang Puck.

This is the 13th straight year Mr. Puck has been cooking for the bash.

Just to give you the enormity of this affair, last year 1600 guests attended this opulent multi- course dinner.

Don't believe the old saying, "Too many cooks spoil the soup."  More than 30 chefs, under Puck's direction, will put together tonight's meal.

A few items on the shopping list included 600 lobsters, 500 pounds of chocolate, and 500 bottles of champagne.

So, here we go with the particulars on the chow.

First, the waiters will be passing around the Trays with...

*Lobster Tempura with Vanilla Bean and Pineapple

*Mini Prime Cheeseburgers with Remoulade and Aged Cheddar

*Spicy Tuna Tartare

*Dungeness Crab Cake with Marinated Tomatoes

*Smoked Salmon Pizza with Caviar

*Pizza with White Truffles


*Smoked Salmon with Caviar

Here's what will be served up at the Bar Tables...

*Marinated Olives with Rosemary, Chili, and Orange

*Homemade Flatbread and Grissini

*Mini Gold Wrapped Baked Potato with Caviar and Cream Fraiche

*Roasted Pumpkin Squash Ravioli with White Truffles

*Potato Gnocchi Gratin with Gorgonzola

*Chicken Salad with Candied Cashews with Honey Sesame Dressing

*Caesar Salad with Creamy Garlic Dressing

*Chopped Vegetable Salad with Lobster

*Stir Fried Chicken Lettuce Cup

*Glazed Black Cod with Sticky Rice and Cucumbers


*Celery Root Apple Soup with Black Truffles

Next, the Sushi Station...

Some of the selections include Spicy Tuna, Big Eye Tuna, Smoked Salmon, Shrimp,Yellowtail, and Snapper.

Selections at the Seafood Station include...


*Jumbo Prawns

*King Crab Legs


*Farm-raised Mussels

*Little Neck Clams

Next up, the Buffet...

*Kobe Beef with Bordelaise Sauce

*Wasabi Potato Puree

*Roasted Organic Chicken Breast

*Risotto with Black Truffles

*Lobster with Crispy Spinach

*Striped Bass

*Stir Fried Organic Vegetables


*Assorted Organic Breads

And finally for Dessert...(It's called, "Oscar's Sweet Extravaganza")

*Meyer Lemon Bars

*Organic Chocolate Fudge

*Hazelnut Marjolaine

*Strawberry Baked Alaska

*Fuji Apple Strudel


*Toffee (not coffee) Cake

Finally, for a table prize, everybody gets an Oscar.

This particular statue is actually a miniature chocolate coated gold leaf edible Oscar.

Enjoy the show and bon appetit!