It's been a year since word came that we got him. We hunted down and took out America's most wanted man, Osama Bin Laden. It brought if not peace of mind then justice to the hearts of many New Jersey families who lost loved ones in the terrorist attacks of September 11th. A year later,  limited information is being released about what was found in the 6,000 documents recovered by Navy Seals from Bin Laden's Abbottabad compound. It must be as close to walking into a delusional terrorist leader's mind as one can come.

He was still rational enough to know his organization was in deep danger from the U.S. drone attacks on Pakistan tribal regions, yet delusional enough to believe he really could change American foreign policy if he could just get one more big successful strike on U.S. soil.  He wanted Obama assassinated, which is something we all assumed anyway. He also wanted Gen. David Petraeus killed. But he told his deputies to not even bother with vice president Joe Biden.

He also knew the al Qaeda brand was in trouble. Al Qaeda, in Arabic, means "the base", and they established this name since their creation in 1988. So it was very telling that he actually considered changing the name of the terrorist organization as a public relations movie, a re-branding if you will. In an internal memo it was learned that he points out how President Obama would often say our war was with the terrorists and NOT the Islamic faith. So Bin Laden's idea was to change the name to something showing strong ties to Islam and make it harder for the president to make those claims. Bin Laden goes on to 'nominate' the following list of possible new names: Monotheism and Jihad Group. Monotheism and Defending Islam Group. Restoration of the Caliphate Group. Muslim Unity Group.

As if in a bizarre arabic version of the tv show Mad Men, it seemed none of these names had enough sizzle, none was catchy enough, and in the end they reluctantly stuck with al Qaeda.

I thought of a couple of my own that might have better traction. Abbottabad To The Bone? Or how about Al CouldaWouldaShoulda?

Read more about the findings in the Bin Laden documents here.