As the times change, it feels like more and more people are dating online. Is there anything wrong with that?

(Ingram Publishing, ThinkStock)

How did you meet your significant other? With technology becoming more and more ingrained into our social lives, it feels like everyone is going on dates via OkCupid, Plenty of Fish, or even Tinder. You even see commercials for on daytime television, and it's treated pretty casually.

A recent article from Mic rebuts the idea that most young people are meeting each other online, though. If anything, the study shows that most people are still meeting their romantic partners the old-fashioned way: through mutual friends. Only 10% of study participants met their significant others through online dating. 

That finding really made us question how the study's results were so different from our perceptions. It seems like the reason behind the difference could be that some people are still ashamed about their dating habits.

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