It seems like the big secret is out. To the shock of almost no one at least in New Jersey, political writers are writing more and more articles about Governor Christie running for the presidency in 2016. The road to the 2016 presidency is apparently going right through New Jersey. Even political satire sites have now taken to writing editorial cartoons regarding Christie's possible run.

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie Holds Election Night Party (Kena Betancur, Getty Images)

The very-funny 'Onion' is the latest outlet to create a very Jersey-esque cartoon about the governor's road to the White House. The cartoon even has Christie holding an E-Z Pass walking down the NJ Turnpike heading for Washington D.C. It even has someone at the bottom right of the drawing looking at the polling with the words "Hillary Nada Bing" next to him.

You can view the cartoon by clicking here and let us know your reaction in the comment section below.