The original milk chocolate M&M's have been around since 1941.  Since then the iconic candy has introduced several varieties.  Now, get ready for another one.


Next year you can have your M&M's and eat your cake too. Well, sort of.

Next May the M&M Mars company with it's chocolate division headquartered here in The Great Garden State, in Hackettstown, will roll out birthday cake flavored M&M's.

I attended Centenary College located in beautiful Hackettstown.  A bunch of us would make trips to the factory and enjoy free samples.  From outside the factory you could smell them making M&M's and 3 Musketeers.  Chocolate Heaven!

Sorry, I got carried away.  Back to the story.

Rumor has it that you'll have to blow out tiny candles on each piece of the M&M's to maximize the birthday cake flavor.  Don't worry, I'm kidding.

The M&M people have not released details about the taste of the new confection.

The company is mum on whether the birthday cake flavor will be a limited edition or a permanent fixture to the M&M lineup.  I'm sure the sales volume will answer that question.

This new concoction will be in addition to the old and more recent standbys including milk chocolate, peanut, dark chocolate, mint chocolate, almond, pretzel, peanut butter, and coconut.

Who knows?  Maybe the birthday cake M&M's could bomb.  One flavor that fell flat was white chocolate carrot cake.

So, next May as we gear up for summer, we, the jury will pass the verdict.  Are birthday cake M&M's crummy or yummy?