Do you remember the old song “School Days” and the line "Reading and writing and arithmetic?"

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Now the reading is done on a kindle, there is consideration of dropping cursive writing in favor of typing and arithmetic has been replaced by a math that has kids endlessly searching for X.  What if we add one more subject to the list?

I’m talking about a subject that is not only here to stay but could both change and shape their lives forever. I’m talking about a subject that until now, they can only learn on the street. I’m talking about teaching social media in the class room.


Camden County Assemblyman Angel Fuentes is moving ahead with legislation to provide New Jersey’s 6th, 7th and 8th graders instruction on the responsible use of social media.

If you’re in any kind of business you know that social networking skills are a must for survival. Students are going to need those skills to survive in the outside world and where better to get them than from trained professionals. They could learn how to post effectively for maximum results, what not to post, how to navigate all the valuable information that’s out there. How to  protect themselves from possible preditors, and of course, this could be a life saver for those who suffer from cyber bullying.

What do you think?