It's so sad when iconic products disappear.  It looks like the latest casualty could be Hostess, the makers of  Sno Balls, Twinkies, and whiter than white Wonder Bread.  For many of us, these products were a staple part of our childhood.

Long before parents were concerned about fiber, low carbs, probiotics, and chemical additives, they would slap some peanut butter between two slices of Wonder Bread, send us off to school, convinced that Wonder Bread was "building stong bodies 12 ways." 

Back in the day you might even find dessert....what? dessert?... in your lunch box.   Today the Sno Ball and Twinkie have no chance of seeing the inside of a child's lunchbox.

The Twinkie might very well be the most iconic product in history.  Hasn't everyone eaten a few (hundred) Twinkies?  Imagine generations growing up having no concept of the term "Twinkie Defense."  

This morning Jim got a call from a listener, Mike from Wayne, who claims to have a 25 year old Twinkie in the original wrapper. 

Would you eat a  25 year old Twinkie?  What is the oldest product you knowingly consumed?