Think you've seen all there is to see on New Jersey's highways? We'd bet you haven't seen Christmas cheer like this on the roads.

We stumbled across this YouTube video titled "Christmas trucks on NJ highway" from earlier this month.

We think the original poster may be mistaken — to our eyes, it looks like that might actually be Route 87, just before an exit for Routes 287 and 17, heading into New Jersey. But even if so, that's close enough for us to feel the Christmas spirit.

The poster, who goes by the username Samsebeskazal NYC, posts videos from around the New York area for his Russian-language blog.

He wrote about the trucks (translated from Russian): "I met a couple of very festively decorated concrete mixers on the highway . I've never seen people not want to overtake a truck traveling slowly :)"

Now the only question is ... who decked out their trucks so gloriously?

If you recognize these trucks, tell us in the comments below. We'd love to solve this mystery!

Update: We've got an answer! Helpful members of the New Jersey 101.5 audience let us know these trucks belong to Salomone Brothers — watch out Thursday for even more great photos and videos of these moving marvels!

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