Whether you're heading to a roadside tree stand, or one of the big chain stores, many New Jersey tree sellers are ready.  Its time to lash that symbol of Christmas on top of the minivan, and bring it home!

When do you ususally get your tree? Right away (during this long Thanksgiving holiday weekend), or do you wait? Occasionally, I've found myself putting up, and decorating the tree, around Deecember 23rd. On the downside, the trees to choose from have been heavily picked over, and decorating is a rush job. Or, instead of a cut tree, maybe you plan to bring in and decorate a live tree, then plant it in the yard after the holidays.  Will you be decorating an artificial tree this year?

Anyway you look at it, New Jersey, 'tis the tree season!

And, a note to the national (home and hardware store) tree sellers:  Its a "Christmas Tree," not a "Holiday Tree."  New Jersey doesn't gather around the tree and open gifts on "Holiday Day!"

I'm just saying.