Our week-long recognition of National Public Health Week 2014 incorporated a number of topics, from breast-feeding and emergency preparedness to disease prevention and childhood obesity, but all of the topics have a common theme.

Tim Boyle, Getty Images

Ocean County public health coordinator Daniel Regenye said the idea of becoming the "Healthiest Nation in One Generation," Friday's theme, is not a passive goal but rather an active quest that needs everyone's participation.

"You have choices you make every day on the type of food that you eat, on behaviors that you partake in," Regenye said, "and you need to be able to look in that mirror and say, 'Yes, I'm doing everything I can to maximize my personal health and my family's health.'"

Residents can get information about health screening programs, smoking cessation assistance, substance abuse support and nutrition guidance at the Ocean County Health Department's website.

Emergency preparedness information is also available, at FEMA's ready.gov site.