October has been named “National Bullying Prevention Month” It’s an attempt to raise awareness to bullying in school but if you’re already dealing with this as up to half of class is, then you already know. The questions are what can you do and what can be done in the school?

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According to Dr Rita Himmelstein, What parents must do if the child is being bullied is talk to the teacher, maybe even the principal. She advises against talking to the child’s parents.


What I think parents should do is talk to the child and build as much confidence as possible. The object is to prevent the bullying before it even starts. Teach them how do look people in the eye, how to deal with confrontation. I think the schools should teach self defense in gym class. If for no other reason than it would put the child in a controlled confrontational situation that would ease the fear of a real one.


Getting involved in sports is another way of dealing with bullying. Spending time on a team makes you a part of something bigger than any bully wants to deal with. It can also build friendships that will last you the rest of your life.


Just like I were coaching players facing a game, I would advise my child to take a good hard look at the bully. Why do you believe he is better than you? What gives him the advantage? How can you take it away from him? If for nothing else it would put the perception of the bully in a different light.


I would also tell my child what we as parents already know, that it may look bad now but when you grow up, your going to look back on this and see how it doesn’t really mean anything in the grand scheme.