We'll have some great beach weather for the remainder of our holiday weekend.  Beware, the effects of "Arthur" is kicking up the surf.

Fun at Bradley Beach
Getty Images News / Thomas Cain


As hurricane Arthur heads out to sea the ocean may not be too friendly for swimmers this weekend.

High waves and rip tides are a dangerous combination.  With that in mind, I've gathered some refresher course safety tips before you take a dip in the ocean.

The number one rule from The American Red Cross.  You should only swim at a lifeguard protected beach.

The Red Cross suggests that kids and inexperienced swimmers wear U.S. Coast Guard approved life jackets in and around the water.

Always keep a close eye on children and the elderly even if they're in shallow water.

Especially this weekend, and all summer long, be aware of rip currents.

If you get caught in a rip current, stay calm and swim with the current.  The A.R.C. says to swim parallel to the shoreline.  Once you're out of the current you can swim back to shore.

One last tip.  Don't swim near piers and jetties.

When you arrive at the beach you'll have a good handle on the ocean safety situation.  There's usually a flag near the lifeguard's bench.  A green flag signifies the ocean is calm. A yellow flag means the ocean could be a bit rough with possible rip currents.  If a red flag is flying it usually means the ocean is dangerous for swimmers, and most often, swimming is not permitted.

If I listed a thousand tips it would all go back to the first piece of advice.  No lifeguard.  No swimming.

Enjoy, have fun, and most of all be safe.