In hard-hit Ocean County, officials are now pressing the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) for 100 percent reimbursement.

Damage from Sandy on the barrier islands (Toms River Township)

With Sandy's damage estimates in the high billions, the state is counting on help from the government. Municipalities are forced to lay out money for debris cleanup with the understanding that FEMA may pay 75 percent of the tab. We've heard all sorts of figures lately including a push from Vice President Joe Biden to get that number to be 90 percent. But Ocean County Freeholder Joe Vicari says 100 percent is best when it comes to debris removal.

Vicari says, "The towns around New Jersey and Ocean County simply can't afford to pay for this cleanup. The money is out there and FEMA has it. They've given millions to other states and even foreign countries. I am pushing for them to make this 100 percent reimbursement so we can get everything back up and running."

Tourism in the state of New Jersey is a billion dollar business. Vicari fears that if FEMA doesn't get on the same page, tourism could be hurt and it would ultimately affect taxpayers.

Vicari recently sent a letter but hasn't received a response yet.