President Obama is in New Jersey and Phil Murphy is hoping he'll spark life into a campaign that has seen a huge double-digit lead shrink to a single point contest according to internal polls.

The Election for NJ Governor is less than 3 weeks away and Kim Guadagno has momentum. The real question is whether a star like Obama will swing votes. Shouldn't the election actually be about how the candidate stands on issues like crime, job creation, taxes and transportation? Voters would be well served to look past celebrity and focus on actual issues that will impact their future.

This visit follows visits and endorsements from other huge Democratic stars, Hillary Clinton, John Kerry, Joe Biden, and Jon Bon Jovi. My takeaway is that Phil needs the help. He's not very good on his feet, he's trying to win an election in the highest taxed state in the country by proudly proclaiming he'll raise taxes. And now we've learned from insiders that the race is single digits.

Endorsements can work, or at least they make the candidate feel love that they're not necessarily feeling from poll respondents. Of course they don't always work, especially when the candidate's message is falling flat. Just look at the list of endorsements for Hillary's failed presidential run..

It's actually about issues. Murphy wants to raise taxes and has failed to even answer basic question of how he'll pay for all the special interest promises he's made. Tens of billions in new spending and so far a stated plan to raise 1.3 billion in new taxes. We can't afford new taxes. We can't afford new spending. It's time to prioritize the $35 billion we already have in our annual budget. It's time to listen to the candidates words and make a decision who is best to bring us back from the the financial mess created by decades of mismanagement, corruption and over-borrowing.

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