Twice during today's inaugural parade, President Barack Obama and his wife have given spectators the extra bonus they were hoping for.

Jackson Memorial Marching Band in the Inaugural Parade (Bud McCormick)

The Obamas left their limousine and walked along part of the parade route, waving and responding to cheers from the crowd.

During the second walk, near the White House, the crowd roared as the Obamas passed in front of bleachers, waving and smiling.  Michelle Obama occasionally clapped her hands when she wasn't holding hands with the president.

Vice President Joe Biden and his wife, Jill, also left their limousine to acknowledge the crowds.

The Jackson Memorial Jaguar Marching Band was in the first division of the parade.

Obamas attend congressional luncheon

President Barack Obama and First lady Michelle Obama walk the route as the presidential inaugural parade winds through the nation's capital (Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

At a luncheon at the Capitol hosted by congressional leaders after his inauguration, Obama said he recognized that democracy isn't always easy and there are profound differences among those present.

But he said all present were serving because they believed they could make America better.

He said lawmakers should be mindful that individually they cannot move the country forward, only with their partners in government.

Vice President Joe Biden also spoke at the lavish lunch in Statuary Hall, saying he was proud to serve as Obama's vice president. He said the bipartisan luncheon showed the ability to work together and find "a sense of opportunity."

About 200 guests joined the Obamas for the luncheon, which has taken place in its current form since 1953.

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