President Barack Obama wraps up his visit to the Summit of the Americas with a news conference today, his message blurred by scandal and opposition from other Western Hemisphere leaders to the U.S. insistence on the continuing exclusion of Cuba.

The scandal involves claims of misconduct against Secret Service and military personnel assigned to make his visit to Colombia safe.

Bolivian President Evo Morales says U.S. intransigence over Cuba, despite widespread support for its inclusion among Latin American nations, makes the atmosphere "like a dictatorship."

Some leftist nations have been insistent that this is the last summit under Organization of American States auspices unless Cuba is invited, calling the viability of future summits into question.

There's also been squabbling over this meeting's final declaration.

Obama's peers lectured him yesterday over the Cuba issue and criticized him for refusing to abandon a drug war that has claimed thousands of lives and undermined governments.

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