President Barack Obama is having House Democrats to the White House as a showdown over the budget extends into its ninth day.

The White House ( Mark Wilson/Getty Images)

The White House says the private meeting is scheduled for 4:30 p.m. EDT Wednesday. The White House added that the president intends to invite Republicans and senators in the coming days.

Republicans are demanding talks on deficit reduction and Obama's health care law to approve spending legislation. Obama says he won't negotiate until the budget is approved with no strings attached.

Obama, Boehner put pressure on each other

Obama and House Speaker John Boehner are increasing the pressure on each other to end the deadlock over the government partial shutdown and the federal debt limit.

Obama says he'll negotiate with Republicans even if they send him short-term measures addressing both issues. Boehner says "that's not the way our government works," and he says Obama needs to start negotiating now.

House Republicans plan votes today on restoring death benefits to the families of fallen U.S. troops. The $100,000 payments usually are made within three days of a death, but the Pentagon has stopped them, blaming the shutdown.

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