Democrats aren't taking Mitt Romney's word for it.

Romney today told reporters that in the past decade, he's never paid less than 13 percent of his income in taxes.

An Obama campaign spokeswoman says, "Prove it." And a spokesman for Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid says until Romney releases his tax returns for several years, people will continue to wonder what he's hiding.

Reid has said he's heard that Romney paid no taxes for some years -- a claim that Romney calls "totally false."

Romney today told reporters: "Every year I've paid at least 13 percent."

He says he's also given generously to charity and that, including those contributions, he's given up more than 20 percent of his income each year.

The White House isn't commenting on Romney's tax rate. A spokesman says President Barack Obama believes it's a "useful and valuable" tradition for candidates to put forward multiple years of tax returns -- though it's "not always comfortable" for them to do so.


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