According to the AP, the NYPD conducted extensive surveillance on Newark's Muslim community in 2006. Do you feel it was justified?

On one hand we spy on our own citizens in order to amass a database of where this group of people work and pray without any resonable suspicion.

On the other, since we haven’t had an attack here since 9/11, and have been able to thwart other proposed attacks; could you say that surveillance like this is warranted?

And now Senator Tomato Face is on the case!

Sen. Bob Menendez is now asking for a federal inquiry into the NYPD surveillance.

He sent a letter today to U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder and CIA Director David Petraeus, saying he is deeply concerned by the AP reports of the widespread surveillance of Muslims in Newark and the monitoring of Muslim student groups at Rutgers University and other Northeast colleges.

By the way, the subsequent report cited no evidence of terrorism or criminal behavior.

So, the Poll asks: Do you support the NYPD's surveillance of Newark's Muslim community; and the monitoring of Muslim student groups at Rutgers and other Northeastern colleges?